$1.2M House Buyer - Nov 5, 2014

Greenburgh, NY 10583

Justin was very helpful during the inspection. He answered all our questions and was very patient. There was an issue with the house that we asked the seller to fix, Justin was willing to come back to help us check it again (free of charge) to make sure the fix was correctly done. Though we didn't expect much of issue with the house we bought as it was redone recently, but the experience with Justin was great.

$521K House Buyer - Oct 6, 2014

New Rochelle, NY

Justin is knowledgeable with meticulous attention to detail. He inspected the house prior to the contract stage and also agreed to accompany me on the walkthrough. Just knowing that he would be there during the walkthrough reduced my stress level immensely prior to closing. He knows exactly what to look for and will let you know what is an immediate issue and what is not. If you need a home inspector, hire Justin. I did and I have no regrets!

$1.1M House Buyer - Jul 18, 2014

Harrison, NY 10528

I highly recommend Justin. He is super professional and knowledgeable, did an amazingly thorough job, and continues to help us as we have questions even though we already closed on our place. He is a great guy, you will not find a better inspector.


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$350K House Buyer - Jul 6, 2014

The Bronx, NY 10471

Justin and his associate came to inspect a space to be used as a professional office suite today.They were incredibly professional, personable, clear in their questions and explanations and thorough. When they arrived and realized the space of the office was just slightly smaller than I had originally assessed, Justin offered an on the spot reduction in the price for the estimate. I had interviewed a number of home inspectors for this job and am so happy i trusted my gut and went with Justin and Trueview - I would most definitely use their services again should the need arise and I highly recommend them!

$480K House Buyer - August 14, 2014

Bayside, NY 11360

True View was the first company that came up on my Angie's search, I saw great reviews and decided to start there. We needed an inspection done ASAP, I called Tuesday 7/29 and asked for Friday 8/1 knowing it was very short notice. But the customer service rep was delightful and had no issues scheduling us for Friday. We had a 12pm appointment, my husband and I showed up at just a little before and Matt our inspector was already there walking around the property. Matt was AWESOME!! We are first time home buyers and purchasing an older home and had no idea what to look for. Matt took his time to go over his findings and explain what needed to be done imminently and what could wait. He was reassuring that what work/repairs made in the home by the previous owners were done well. The owners were there too and Matt made it a point to speak with them to get additional information on the home. Overall, my husband and I were so pleased with the service and professionalism. We would HIGHLY recommend True View and especially Matt to anyone!.

$700K Single Familyr - July 14, 2014

Pelham, NY [North Side]

Matt was excellent! I am a first time home buyer and have been living in an apartment in Manhattan for most of my adult life, so I am completely clueless when it comes to how houses "work". He took the time to explain everything in the house to me, showed me how to work the electrical panel, check the boiler, how to turn off the water in case of a pipe bursting, etc etc etc... He went above and beyond and provided me with a thorough inspection report the day after the inspection. His report led to me negotiating some items with the seller to have fixed before we move in. The report was about 20 pages long and had pictures and clear explanations of each item. I couldn't be more pleased with the service he provided and the newfound comfort level I have with my future home! Highly recommended!!!.

$660K House Buyer - Dec 23, 2013

Mamaroneck, NY [Old Rye Neck]

Justin's brother Matt did the inspection for our house. He was very thorough and professional, and his inspection helped us re-negotiate a substantial decrease on our offer from the seller. The only reason he does not get 10 stars (and maybe this is not something we should expect that he could detect) is that we recently discovered some mold behind our baseboards stemming from what looks like a leak around our chimney. Again, although this is visible after the fact, I'm not sure whether he should be faulted for not spotting it... and he certainly caught a lot of other issues.

$436K Townhouse Buyer - Jul 31, 2013

Tarrytown, NY [Edgemont]

Justin was very helpful -- and did a full evaluation of the house, including structural, electrical, water-pipes, e.t.c. radon testing. He prepared a very useful report in pdf format with pictures and pointed out details that can be used in negotiating the price, and also made us aware of the repairs we may need to do when we obtain the house.

$557K House Buyer - Dec 31, 2012

Irvington, NY 10533

Justin's manner is very professional and courteous, and he talks to his clients as if they were his equals - explaining things and answering questions without dumbing down his responses. There was not anything I could ask him (and I asked him a great many questions) that he did not have a thoughtful answer for. On the extremely rare occasion that he did not know something, he freely admitted it and promised to look into it further. And, unlike many other people, he did email me within a few days with a researched response that went beyond what I could have Googled for myself. As far as the actual inspections went, Justin's keen eye and meticulous process made for an extremely thorough inspection. I did not feel as though there was anything unchecked that I needed to worry about. I am extremely thorough myself so it is pretty rare that I come across someone who does their job in a way that I don't feel the need to double check their work and second guess their answers. I am happy to report that with Justin, I felt like I was in highly capable hands, and I would trust him to inspect homes for me without my being there.

This is my third home purchase, so I've had enough dealings with home inspectors to know that you don't always get what you pay for. Justin's price was more than fair, and I felt very much that I got more than my money's worth. I would hire him again in the blink of an eye. In fact, I almost wish I had another home that needed inspecting just so I could support his business more. There are not enough business owners out there who take so much pride and enjoyment in their work. It is very clear that Justin is doing something he loves.

Bottom line - if you are looking for a home inspector who will do the job ONCE and do it right, Justin is your man.