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Sewer Scope Inspections

At True View Home Inspections , we offer a lot of additional services on top of our general home inspection. One of the additional services we offer is a sewer scope inspection. A lot of the times homeowners don’t realize that they own and are responsible for the sewer pipe that runs from their house through their yard to the center of the city street.

And unfortunately, as a home inspector, the only way to tell you the condition of that pipe is to do a sewer scope inspection. In this area, it’s not uncommon to inspect a home that’s 100 or 110 years old. And usually that means that that pipe is 100 and or 110 years old. Often we find offsets belling in the pipe, which could affect drainage routes and even broken pipes in order to prevent a serious expense or a clogging a possible back up.

The best thing to do during a home inspection is to do a sewer scope inspection. For more information about our service, please contact us at 914-831-2187. Thank you.