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Radon Gas Testing


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Radon is a natural gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium in rock and soil. It’s invisible. It’s tasteless and odorless. It’s also the second leading cause of lung cancer. So it’s obviously a major concern. If you’ve been living in a home and have never tested for radon, it’s something you should definitely do. If it’s a home that you’re interested in purchasing, please speak with your home inspector about testing for radon gas.

At True View Home Inspections we have two different types of tests that we use. We have a basic charcoal test and a much more advanced digital radon test.

For more information, you can click on those videos on our website to learn about them, or feel free to call us and discuss it over the phone. Our number is 914-831-2187. Thank you.

Digital Radon Testing

At True View Home Inspections we offer two different types of Radon tests. One is a basic charcoal canister test. Our second is a Corinthian Pro by Air Things digital radon test. This is the most advanced digital Radon test on the market.

This provides us with a lot of information. When the test is being performed, we get hourly readings of radon as well as an overall average.

We also learn about different things that might affect the radon levels over the course of testing, such as precipitation, barometric pressure, wind, temperature, things like that. Some of the things we love most about this, we, meaning the home inspectors, is we can determine if a window has been left open, a door has been left open, ventilating that room, essentially affecting the radon levels and the test.

We also have a tamper-proof setting on this. So if it’s moved by accident, often these homes are still being lived in. If someone takes this test, moves it,it could negatively affect the results and we will be notified of that so we can retest and make sure that we get an accurate reading.

The other positive thing about the digital radon test is the turnaround time.

The basic charcoal canister test on average is about a five business day turnaround time. These are 48 hours. We collect them after 48 hours of them being in the house and the results are there ready for us to send right out to our clients.

Reports are very detailed. We’ll be able to discuss in detail with the client what the reports mean and whether or not any kind of mitigation is needed for the House.

For more information about our Air Things digital radon system, please contact us at 914-831-2187.

Basic Radon Testing

At True View Home Inspections we offer two different types of radon gas tests. One is our basic charcoal canister test. The charcoal test we leave behind in the house for a minimum of 48 hours or a maximum of seven days. We come back, we collect them, we seal them up and we bring them to a laboratory to get the results.

The laboratory will take the average of both of these tests in order to give us a radon level. We will then share that report with the client and teach them about what the report means if radon levels come back elevated. We will put them in touch with a radon specialist that can put in a mitigation system to help them with the radon levels.

Otherwise, they are good to move forward. We do recommend testing every 2 to 3 years to make sure that the radon levels are staying consistent. And of course. For more information, please contact us at 914-831-2187. Thank you.