Home Inspection Services

A home buyers inspection, is a thorough inspection of all major systems and components of the property prior to purchasing the home. Its purpose is to provide
knowledgeable feed and detailed information about the condition of the overall property. All deficiencies will be provided in a computer generated report with digital

The home inspection is one of the most important parts of the home buying process. It’s not usually mandated that you get a home inspection by a bank or by insurance company. This is your opportunity to work with a professional and learn about the condition of the home. This is to protect you, protect your family, protect your investment, true of your home inspections.

Our goal is to teach you about your home, teach you about how well it was built, how well it’s been maintained, and what are the ages of some of the major systems and components, so that you can budget accordingly. We also want to teach you how the house functions. You want to learn where things get shut off, where things get turned on, and how to maintain the house over the years that you’re there.

For more information, please contact us at 914-831-2187. There you can speak with one of our home inspectors about some of the specific concerns you might have on the home you’re interested in. Thank you for watching.