Is Your Home Ready For Winter? Here is Your Home Winterization Guide.

Home Winterization Guide

It’s not too late to prep your home for winter

True View’s Pre-Winter Maintenance Checklist As a homeowner, property maintenance is a must. By properly maintaining your home, you can save yourself time, money and avoidable headaches. Neglect can easily cause extensive damage over a harsh winter to your home and bank account.

By following our winter maintenance checklist you will be prepared for the inclement weather and potentially avoid additional expenses.

True View’s Pre-Winter Checklist


– Clean gutters & Downspouts (above ground downspouts should discharge 3-5 ft away from your home)
– Examine the roof for seam failure, loose or damaged shingles
– Examine flashing around chimneys and other roof protrusions for damage


– Trim back tree branches away from your home and roof
– Examine the health of trees close to your home
– Clear debris out of all exterior drains/Driveway/Patios & Drywells
– Seal all driveway, walkway, patio, retaining wall, foundation cracks, ect…
– Winterize sprinkler system, hose bibs & store away exterior hoses


– Remove door and window screens & install storm windows
– Inspect windows for cracks – Install weather stripping for openings around doors, windows and garage door seams
– Check operation of all smoke and co detectors & replace batteries
– Buy batteries for flashlights, lanterns, ect…


– Service your heating system
– Insulate basement and garage supply piping
– Service your generator & insure adequate fuel supply
– Have your fireplace flue inspected and cleaned

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