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The True View Team

You deserve to really know your future home. At True View Home Inspections, we believe in providing you with the opportunity to “Get to Know” the place where you will eat your meals, raise your family and spend the majority of your time. Buying a home is a huge investment; you can rely on us for our comprehensive, unbiased knowledge.

True View provides you with the objective insight that you will not get anywhere else. Our clear, detailed inspection reports and professionalism, will give you the comfort you needed during the home buying process. The “True View” of your future property will protect your investment, your interests and your peace of mind. For the best view, call True View..

True View Home Inspections was founded by Justin Albano and continues to has grown into the most professional and reliable home inspection company in Westchester County. Our services include - Buyers Inspections, Pre Listing Inspections, New Construction Inspections, Termite Inspections, and Radon Testing.

Why Choose True View

1) We’re Flexible. We work to your schedule. Our inspectors are available days, nights and weekends.

2) We’re Fast. Every report is sent out within 24 hours of completion. A two-hour rush service is available.

3) We’re Thorough. We take a full two to three hours to conduct every inspection, so you know nothing is missed.

4) We’re Meticulous. Every inspection includes a comprehensive 15 to 30 page report that covers every nook and cranny in the property and grounds

5) We’re Experienced. Every inspection is conducted by a full-time professional home inspector with at least five years experience.

6) We’re Reliable. If we give you a time and date and our inspector fails to turn up for any reason, your inspection is free.

7) We’re Independent. Because we work for you, not the real estate agent or seller, you can trust our report. Every report is 100% accurate and objective


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Meet The Team

Justin Albano


Justin Albano is the Owner and Principal Inspector of TrueView Home Inspections, LLC. He primarily works with homebuyers, informing and protecting them during what is usually the largest investment in a one’s life.

Justin has owned and sold homes over the years and understands the emotional and financial stress involved in the selling and buying process. He knows that choosing a qualified and professional home inspector is the best way to protect yourself and your family during this time.

Over the past 13 years, Justin and TrueView Home Inspections have built a stellar reputation as honest and experienced home inspectors throughout New York and Connecticut State.

“It isn’t always about the job… it is about the people. Performing home inspections is a very personal experience. I get to know the families we work with during our inspections. We hear their concerns and understand their needs. I see clients of mine in grocery stores, walking their dogs and out to eat on a regular basis. The people that hire us aren’t just clients, in many cases they become neighbors. By keeping that mindset and focusing on our company motto of to protect and inform the client above all else, I have become successful in this industry. Mistakes can and will be made over the years, but honesty must be consistent.”

Victor Pedro


With over 20 years of hands-on construction experience and having performed several hundred home inspections, Victor Pedro is a true veteran when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of a home.

Victor has owned a hardware store, managed multifamily buildings and has built and remodeled homes as a contractor. Victor also speaks three languages; English being his primary language. By being able to service both the Portuguese and Spanish speaking population in New York and Connecticut, Victor has built a strong and trusted reputation in our community.

Victor sees home inspections as a great way to introduce families or investors to their new home. Inspections give him the ability to exercise his passion for construction and educating others. He enjoys walking them through and explaining how a home functions. Very few home inspectors offer this type of one on one experience. These are some of the many great qualities that have made Victor a highly sought-after home inspector since joining with TrueView Home Inspections in 2016.

NY Lic. # 16000076279 | CT Lic # HOI 0000907